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Maddy O'Regan

Maddy O'Regan
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Maddy O'Regan
Maddy O'Regan is an Ottawa-based violinist and vocalist.

Since 2015 she has performed professionally with several artists/groups such as Jessica Pearson and the East Wind, Moonfruits, Graham Lindsey, Old Man Grant, and Valley Mountain Band.

For six years, she preformed with folk group Jessica Pearson and the East Wind (JPEW), touring and busking in Ireland, the UK, eastern Canada, and Ontario.

In JPEW, the ECMA chose her to represent Eastern Canada as part of Global Music Match (2021), a collaborative project to help artists through the pandemic. She was nominated for "Group of the Year" at the Capital Music Awards, and won "Songs From The Heart: Roots Category" for the JPEW song, "Ready My Heart."

While part of JPEW, she co-wrote a few songs, including "My Dear" with Jessica Pearson, and "On The Line", with Jessica Pearson and Kristan Couture.
Artist, Singer, Touring musician
Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Studio musician, Touring musician
  • Violin
  • Vocalist
Co-writer, Songwriter
Music video director, Music video editor, Content creator
Blues, Classical, Country, Folk, Jazz, Pop, Soul, Standards
Jessica Pearson and the East Wind, 2015-2021, Violinist/Vocalist