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Leadership Accelerator Program


Thank you to all who applied for this year's Leadership Accelerator. Applications are now closed for this year. 

Presented with partners ADVANCE and the International Indigenous Music Summit, this program will work to prepare more women and gender diverse professionals for executive level leadership roles. 

This program is intended for mid-level industry professionals, in existing music companies or entrepreneurs, with a primary goal of preparing women and gender diverse music professionals for advancement to senior management and director-level opportunities. This will serve as a catalyst to create an ecosystem with more women and gender diverse role models and mentors in senior positions. This new national program will especially cater to intersectional women and gender-diverse people who have the least representation in organizational leadership roles, and as leaders in the music industry nationally.

Women in Music Canada and program partners value diversity, equity, and inclusion and welcomes and invites female and gender-diverse folks from diverse backgrounds to apply.
* Enrolment for this program will be 2/3 by paid registrations through companies, and 1/3 subsidized (free) participants through applications and juried selection. Space is limited to fifteen participants total. 

This program is financially supported by Ontario Creates, and City of Toronto. 
Additional partneship oportunities for this program are available. If your company is intertested in being part of this important work, please reach out to robyn at 
Deadline to apply is: coming soon
Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by coming soon

The Leadership Program including mentorship and training will run online January 25, 2025 through March 29, 2025. Sessions will run from 7:00 PM through 9:00 PM ET (4:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT) Tuesday and Thursday, weekly. Executive coaching sessions will run as per specific arranged times by participants. An in-person component will following these dates, to be hosted at Toronto Met University and ArtHaus in Toronto, April 15, 2025. 

Submitting an application form does not guarantee your participation. All applicants will be reviewed and notified. 




360 Analysis: Participants are provided with a comprehensive view of their leadership qualities from peers, subordinates, and supervisors, highlighting strengths and areas for growth based on external perceptions compared to self-assessment.

Character Wheel: Participants categorize leadership traits on a visual wheel, allowing them to assess their strengths and areas needing improvement, fostering balanced self-awareness crucial for effective leadership.

1:1 Executive Development Coaching: Tailored guidance and support to enhance participants' leadership styles, addressing challenges and preparing them for senior management roles through strategic goal-setting and skill development.

Case Study Learning: Practical application of leadership skills through real-life business scenarios, promoting critical engagement, strategic thinking, and informed decision-making. 

Peer Support Community: Fosters collective learning, experience sharing, and mutual empowerment among participants, building a network of future leaders who mentor and inspire each other as they progress in their careers.