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Laura Merilainen

Laura Merilainen
De base Member
Laura Merilainen
Laura is part owner of Merilainen Music Inc., along with her husband Marc Merilainen (of Indigenous rock band Nadjiwan). Meriläinen Müsic Inc. is a full-service record label providing professional music industry services to emerging and established artists. They tailor their services to meet their clients’ needs including recording, production, distribution, sync placement, PR, radio tracking, management, consulting and more.

With over 20 years experience in project management, financial and professional services, Laura’s expertise has helped clients make informed decisions as well as meet their business and professional goals. Laura brings a common-sense approach and skills in budgeting, organization and focus to the music industry. Laura’s problem solving and interpersonal skills give her the ability to handle all aspects of the industry from technical issues to artist nurturing.
Directrice artistique, Gérante d'artiste, Responsable en A&R, Agente de spectacle, Diffusion numérique, Finance, License, Commercialisation, Chargée de projet, Relations publiques, Édition
Directrice de tournée